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Computer Repair

If you have a PC with a problem – we can repair it
WE can service your computer needs in our Shop or at your location. There have been very few instances of our failure to repair a problem with a desktop or laptop pc and if we are unable to diagnose and repair your problem in our Shop, we charge nothing for the check.

Our experience and training in computer repair allows us to repair/replace nearly any part of a desktop or laptop computer – even LCD monitor repair.




We have techs that are Certified Microsoft Professionals and Comptia A+ certified.

If you no longer have your Microsoft Office CD or installation key from your older computer, we can still pull the data from your old computer and install on your new machine.

Along with computer service, we also sell and build new computers.  The computers we sell are the products that we believe in and stand behind.  With the computers we sell, we include a FREE half hour of setup, which gets the computer running and up to date with the junk programs removed, and data transferred from your old computer.  We can usually install some provided software and do a little custom setup in that time frame as well. If you have lots of programs for us to load, there may be a small additional charge.

With many laptop repairs you have to replace a motherboard, which can cost as much as 500 dollars for the repair.  Not at Deep Water Electronics.  We have been extremely successful in the repair of power jacks, failed video output and even USB port repair, saving you hundreds of dollars in replacement parts. If we are not able to repair the motherboard, we can still order the replacement parts and there is no charge for the additional labor trying to repair the original board if you end up ordering the replacement parts from Deep Water Electronics.

Most repairs are completed in 24 to 48 hours (if it’s a Business-Critical computer, we’ll try our best to do it even faster). The computer needs to be in house that long to allow enough time to run scans, download updates and test hardware.  We keep most standard replacement parts in stock for quicker repairs.  You will only pay for the amount of time that we are actually directly working on your computer.

Many simple, common, repairs can be accomplished in only 30 minutes in-shop labor time on a computer that is in otherwise good condition.  That may include power supply replacements, adding an expansion card or software installation, even installing software from CD to a netbook without a CD drive.  We will often find things that lead us to recommend leaving the computer for an additional 10 minutes if we believe there is any malware or software that requires updating or maintenance to get optimum performance from your computer. We will always communicate our recommendations and get your authorization before we go beyond our original estimate.

Laptop LCD screen repair is usually only a half hour of in-shop labor and the cost of the screen, which is generally about $79 to $89.

Laptop power jack repairs are usually 1 to 1.5 hours of in-shop labor and $0 to $25 for the power jack.  If caught early, the original power jack can usually be reattached to the board and reinforced to prevent a future problem.

Most Virus problems and general maintenance of computers will be between .5 and 1 hour of in-shop labor.

Hourly rate:   $89
Minimum Bench Fee:  24.95