Deep Water Home

We have new products and services…
In wanting to keep up with our customer’s specific needs, we found that we had more to offer our clients: A sense of style. As a team member, Diana Hoyt brings you the apex of style, comfort and technology. With over 20 years of styling experience, Diana will work with our clients to bring out the best of them within a home. Let us bring out your style and make your home energy efficient, intuitive and uniquely yours. Additionally we have added a full product offering for your home, including: Furniture, Decor, Mattresses and Bedding! 

We match your personal style…

When looking for the perfect interior stylist, you want someone who knows who you are and what you want showcased in your home. That’s what we do. Stylist Diana Hoyt looks beyond the home, and toward the homeowners to develop a concept featuring your individual aesthetic.

With our knowledge…

Anything is possible. Imagine the home of your dreams. We can get you there. With over 20 years of experience, the team at Deep Water Home can make that dream possible. You offer your ideas, and let us do the rest.




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